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Anyone using a foam roller knows just how beneficial it can be when you are exercising in any form. Rolling prior to a workout helps blood flow and circulation – it may even be the absolute best thing you can do for your body pre-workout. If you have the time it is almost as important and just as beneficial to roll after your workout routine as well. This helps to loosen the muscles and jump-starts the healing process.

Many people use foam rolling as a form of physical therapy or to relieve soreness in muscles and joints. If you have been using a foam roller at home and you want to start rolling at the gym as well – and you really should – then you will probably want to know about best travel foam roller you can buy. Is there a specific type of roller to use at the gym? Will any small foam roller suffice?

The truth is, you don’t absolutely need a foam roller that is designated for travel – a small foam roller would still work just as well. However, some travel foam rollers have the goal of not only being small and portable but also more durable for the consistent use that is required of it when used for workouts. After all, most people who go to the gym do so at least 3-5 times a week and a shoddy roller you will find yourself replacing them one after another.

There are foam rollers that are specifically designed for this type of constant use. Generally they are made of high density foam and are designated for travel usage. There are tons of travel foam roller reviews out there, but most of those are aimed at a specific brand or product. Today we will be looking at three products that we are considering to be the best travel foam rollers available on Amazon.

Our Top Choices For The Best Travel Foam Roller

Pro-Tech Athletics Foam Roller

Pro-Tech Travel Foam Roller

This is an excellent roller for anyone looking for something compact and at a great price. The roller is only 12X4, a little smaller in diameter than most standard foam rollers, but again, it is more compact for travel reasons. This may be a little too small for some peoples liking, however it is still effective even if you have to focus on one side of the body and then the other.

The yellow foam throws some people off as generally the density of a foam roller is determined by the color; with white being the least dense with the most give, blue or green being a moderately dense foam and black being a high density and low resistance foam. The yellow foam of this roller is a little too dense for some people who are used to a white roller and it seems to lay somewhere between the blue and black rollers.

If you travel often and still exercise while on your trips then this is an excellent choice. It is rather inexpensive compared to other foam rollers of similar size, it is durable and will last for quite a while before needing replaced. Some users claim it has lasted several months of regular use without ever showing signs of damage.

GoFit Go Roller

Go Fit Travel Foam Roller

This roller is only slightly more expensive than the previous one, but it comes with a couple of extras. Along with the foam roller itself you will also receive a carry bag for the roller, a lacrosse ball (which is used to help dig into the knots and hard to reach places for maximum relief) and a guide book as well. There are not too many rollers that come equipped this well and with instructions to boot! If you are still new to foam rolling and are wanting to get the most out of it, this could be a great way to start.

The carry bag makes this one of the easiest to transport foam rollers. Not many travel rollers come with a bag that allows you to easily transport everything to and from the gym regularly. If you are traveling long distance then it is compact and will fit into your luggage easily or keep it separate as you desire. While the size may be too small for some, in most cases it is the perfect size to fit the needs of convenient travel and a solid workout.

Regardless of the pink shade, this is a high density foam roller. This means for those of you who use a white foam roller this will probably be a little intense at first. However if you are looking for a great deep tissue massage before a workout to get the blood pumping or after as a way to boost recovery during your cool down the higher density foam will give you the best benefits.

SKLZ Travel Barrel Roller

SKLZ Travel Foam Roller

This foam roller is highly recommended for athletes to use as it is definitely a high density foam. It is a compact small foam roller that allows for easy transport to and from the gym, to take on a bike ride or hike or basically anywhere you can think of. Almost the same size as the other two this travel foam roller is 12X4.5” – truly the slightly larger diameter does not make much difference in effectiveness overall and does not compromise ease of transport either.

When rolling on this foam roller you will find that it is extremely sturdy – it is definitely built to last! That is one of the best things you can look for in a travel roller – especially if you plan on using it pre and post workout every other day or so. Of course you will still use your standard sized roller at home and on the days between workouts – but this little roller will be able to stand up to as much use as you can throw at it.

In the end, this roller is slightly more expensive than the other two. However this is by far made up for by the amazing design, high density foam and durability of the roller.

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