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The Best Foam Cylinder

Let’s all agree

Foam rollers are amazing tools that have just about changed all of our lives. They’re not only great for working out tight muscle knots; they’re also great relaxation tools AND help prevent stiffness and pain.

How To Choose The Best Foam Cylinder

Foam rollers differ tremendously from one model and make to another. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and they come out I different firmness levels and styles to suit individual preferences.

The best foam cylinders aren’t rated on their firmness alone. Their quality, cost and their purpose also play a big role. EVA foam rollers are the best quality and probably also the most popular. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) rollers are top-tier competitors since they’re softer than regular foam, which means they perfectly cater to beginners and those with special needs.

Enough with the small talk. Let’s get to the real reason you’re still reading. We've rounded up the best foam cylinder rollers on the market today to help you spot the best from the rest.

Buying Guide: The Best Foam Cylinder Roller Reviews

SPRI Super High Density Foam Roller

Made with high quality materials, the foam cylinder roller from SPRI is ultra-rigid and provides you with maximum firmness. It was made with durability in mind and will hold up to even to most rigorous of foam rolling applications.

The Pros

  • It’s great for targeting large muscle groups
  • It’s very durable
  • It’s very versatile

The Cons

  • It’s not very portable
HealthyLifeStyle Black High Density Foam Roller

SPRI EVA Foam Roller

Another SPRI roller, but with the difference being the EVA foam instead of compressed Styrofoam as you’d find in the Super High Density Roller. EVA foam is great for maintaining its shape even after rigorous and continuous usage. It's also more hygienic since bacteria and moisture can’t penetrate the surface and since it has a non-porous surface, this roller is easy to clean.

The Pros

  • Made with high quality EVA foam
  • Will withstand even the most rigorous of applications
  • It’s affordable

The Cons

  • The roller has a very annoying seam in the material that can irritate some users
  • Since it’s so dense, this is not a beginner’s roller
SPRI EVA Foam Roller

Gaiam Muscle Therapy Foam Roller

Measuring in at a mere 18 inches long, this portable roller is great for working the glutes, IT band and hamstrings. It’s not as dense as most other foam rollers, so it’s a great beginner’s tool and for those with special needs. We like it for its unique look and the fact that’s its super portable.

The Pros

  • It’s portable
  • It’s suitable for beginners with the softer foam
  • It comes with a great instructional DVD

The Cons

  • Larger framed people might have an issue with the small length of the Gaiam roller
Gaiam Muscle Therapy Foam Roller

OPTP Pro-Roller

OPTP has been a leader in the foam roller industry for as long as the name has been around, which is why one of their products is always bound to land a top spot in roller related business. The Pro-Roller measures in at 36 inches long and offers maximum firmness that will give little to none with full body weigh applications. It’s great for working large muscle groups and helps to get rid of knots and tension spots that less-firm rollers would not be able to do.

The Pros

  • It’s Its very firm
  • It’s super durable
  • It’s made with high quality materials that will withstand heavy and frequent use

The Cons

  • The firmness isn’t suitable for all individuals
OPTP Pro Foam Rollers

j/Fit High Density EVA Roller

The j/Fit roller is heat sealed and made with high quality EVA foam that won’t leave you disappointed in your purchase. It’s one of the most durable rollers currently on the market and will withstand heavy and consistent use. These rollers are available in 4 sizes; 12, 18, 24 and 36 inch. Adding a little more length adds to the total of your roller’s price tag, but these rollers are still very affordable considering the quality and value they bring to the table.

The Pros

  • It’s made with high quality materials that won’t lose their shape over time
  • It’s very durable
  • The different sizes available ensures you can invest in the most appropriate roller for your individual needs

The Cons

  • The firmness isn’t suitable for beginners
j/fit High Density EVA Roller

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you 5 of the best foam cylinder rollers on the market today. Remember that what works for one person might feel like torture to another, so always make sure that you’re able to test drive the roller you’re considering before making the plunge.

We’ve covered a lot of ground friends, from the best Pilates Foam Rollers to the best Large Foam Rollers, the Best Foam Rollers of 2016 and even foam rolling 101 with our What is foam rolling piece.

Best Foam Rollers of 2016

Thanks to foam rollers a lot of athletes have been rolling their way to faster recoveries and have had a means of preparing their bodies for a workout to come. We’ve come a long way since thinking these were merely over sized pool noodles, and luckily technology has delivered some of the most reliable and effective sports products to date.

2016’s offerings of foam rollers won’t let you down, but since all the brands claim to be the “latest and greatest”, it’s hard to differentiate between the best and the rest.

Luckily we’re here to help you out. While the market seems to be flooded with “top” foam rollers, it basically comes down to 3 big players for the best foam rollers of 2016, and we’ll show you what you can expect from them.

Buying Guide: Top 3 Foam Rollers Reviews

2016's Best Budget Foam Roller: Luxfit Premium High Density Foam Roller

While you might immediately think “luxury” when you hear the name, the LuxFit High Density roller really is a straight forward foam roller without the frills. It offers firmness…plenty of it and has a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot, ensuring that it’ll help you get rid of the hardest to reach knots. The LuxFit comes available in 3 sizes; 12, 18 and 36 inch so you can get it in the length you need, albeit you’ll have to dish out a little more for the extra length. We love the fact that this roller comes with a 1 year warranty, so durability has been taken care of. Overall, the LuxFit roller is a great basic roller that offers you single density composition that’ll get the job done.

The Pros

  • Its super durable
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty

The Cons

  • The roller doesn’t have varied textures for targeted massaging
  • The foam can start flaking after a year, even more so under intensive use
LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller

2016's Best Short Foam Roller: ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller

The ProSource Ultra Deluxe is unique in the sense that it’s constructed with PVC in the core and foam on the exterior surface area, effectively giving you the feel of dual density foam. We love that the exterior foam layer is firm yet flexible so it works out knots while still maintaining a comfortable feel for the user. With a 13 inch length and a 5.5 inch diameter, the ProSource Ultra Deluxe is on the shorter side, but thanks to its low profile and light weight it’s a great traveling companion. Overall, it’s a very innovative roller that’s set to have the market buzzing this year.

The Pros

  • While it’s made with less foam, the roller actually feels like a dual density foam roller
  • Its firm yet flexible
  • It’s lightweight
  • It has a multi-textured surface

The Cons

  • The PVC core can crack with extended and heavy use
ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

2016's Best Value Roller: Trigger Point Performance - The GRID

Straight off the bat we have to give Trigger Point Performance - The GRID thumbs up for being available in various firmness ranges; our top pick is the regular model that sports standard firmness. It also comes available in several different lengths ranging from the 5 inch mini roller to the 26 inch model. The GRID is made with a hollow design that’s made from high quality EVA foam that’ll withstand 600 pounds of pressure…go ahead and try to break it we dare you! The GRID was made with heavy usage in mind AND boasts an attractive 1 year warranty. With a varied-texture exterior and portability, the GRID really shines, but throw in the bonus of the Distrodensity Zones with their varied grooves for targeting problem areas and you’ve got yourself a winner!

The Pros

  • It’s made with high quality materials to ensure maximum durability
  • The GRID excels at targeted massage
  • It’s very versatile

The Cons

  • It's expensive
Trigger Grid 26

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you 3 of the Best Foam Rollers of 2016, and they’re quite different from each other, ensuring that almost everyone will fall in love with one of them. At the end of the day, the choice is still yours to make, but we hope that this has helped narrow things down for you.

If you’re still trying to get the hang of rolling before you want to invest in one of the top foam rollers on the market, make sure you check out our section on What Is Foam Rolling before moving on to our guide for finding the best Foam Cylinder.

The Best Large Foam Rollers

We know how this goes

You’ve tried out just about every technique out there and even hopped from one foam roller to the next, but that gnarly knot in your back is still dragging you down! But don’t worry, your problems are about to be solved!

In today’s article, you’ll be guided through the basics to the best of the foam rollers. These guys are big and they mean business when it comes to targeting large muscle groups. So let’s get to it then.

The Best Large Foam Rollers

The Basic Foam Roller

Let’s call this one the Grandpappa of foam rollers. This is the most ancient form of the modern day foam roller and the genius behind its design is that it’ll work for beginners and for those of you who carry a significant amount of weight around. Don’t expect it to last for ages, the loose foam design will eventually break down, but it’s a foam roller, and its large, so it ticks the boxes you need it to.

The Pros

  • It does a good job
  • It’s not as firm, so it’s great for beginners
  • It’s affordable

The Cons

  • Not durable
  • Only suitable for beginners
Ultra Foam Roller

ProSource Density Foam Roller

Coming in as one of the most popular foam rollers out there, this roller has a pretty awesome rep and with good reason! Essentially, it’s the same as the standard foam roller, but with the exception of sporting very dense foam. Denser foam equates to more durability and a firmness that’s suitable for just about everyone.

The Pros

  • It's durable
  • It has great firmnes
  • It’s exceptional value for your money

The Cons

  • It's not suitable for total beginners as they'll find it a bit too hard
ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller

The Rumble Roller

The Rumble Roller was specifically designed with deep tissue massage in mind, and if you’re looking to invest in the best looking roller, look no further. It comes available in a blue version that’s perfect for beginners, and also in a black version which offers higher density and a harder feel to the roller.

The Pros

  • It looks great
  • You can choose between medium and firm density
  • It’s versatile

The Cons

  • It's expensive
  • It’s not as effective as most other large foam rollers since the large spikes are seriously uncomfortable to some users
Rumble Roller Full Size Extra Firm Black


OPTP’s Silver AXIS Standard Foam Roller is a nifty 6 inch roller that won’t even break the bank. It’s a super versatile roller that can be used by Yogi’s and runners alike, plus it comes from a brand that has been making waves in the foam roller industry the past year. We wouldn’t recommend this roller for heavy (think gym centers) usage, but for home use, it’s all you need and more!

The Pros

  • It's affordable
  • It's made with quality materials
  • It’s versatile

The Cons

  • It's not as durable as the ProSource per say
OTP Silver Axis

The GRID Foam Roller

The GRID, with its high density design, sturdy core and outer padding with variable pressure points has the market buzzing right now. The GRID either totally rocks your world or doesn’t do anything for you at all. There are no gray areas here, so it’s best to try it out before making the investment. All in all, it’s a good foam roller that comes with an okay-ish price tag.

The Pros

  • It's a high density roller
  • It's not absurdly large
  • It’s made with quality materials

The Cons

  • It's not as durable as the ProSource per say
  • The padding that should offer variable firmness doesn’t do that with all users
  • If you’re on the heavy side of the scale the hollow core can and will probably give way
Trigger Grid 26

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to getting the best quality, simpler is almost always better. We’ve shown you 5 great large foam roller brands, and in our opinion the winner is the ProSource Density Density Roller, but the choice is as always, still up to you.

Once you’ve invested in one of the best foam rollers out there, make sure you read our tips and tricks on What Is Foam Rolling, or if you’re still having a hard time separating the best from the rest, check out our thoughts on The Best Foam Rollers of 2016.

SPRI Foam Roller Reviews

When you first look to invest in a foam roller you may be surprised at just how much they can vary in size, color and density. If you’ve done your research then you know that the density of a foam roller is usually categorized by color – white being for beginners and most pliable, blue (or sometimes green) being for intermediately skilled users and black being a high density and very firm foam roller for experienced individuals.

Once you have determined what kind of foam roller you are looking for it is time to decide on how much you can afford to spend. While foam rollers are by no means the most expensive exercise equipment that you will ever buy, it can seem expensive for “some foam”. Truly though, most of the time if you spend the few extra bucks for a higher quality foam roller you will find that it lasts much longer and can just take more use in general.

There are many name brands out there so it may be hard to know which ones to look at. SPRI Foam Rollers are probably one of the best brands you can choose. They are known for having products that are extremely durable and will be around for quite some time to come. If you don’t want to sink your money into replacing a misshapen foam roller every few months, investing in a SPRI roller is the way to go.

For this article we have taken a look at a ton of SPRI foam roller reviews in order to bring you a compiled review of three SPRI foam rollers. We chose one roller from each category of density (white, blue and black) in order to help you make a decision and provide you will as many options as possible.

SPRI Foam Roller Reviews

SPRI Foam Roller Full Round (White)

This foam roller is meant for beginners and even comes with a DVD of workout routines. It does appear that some reviewers reported not receiving the DVD – if this were to happen it really wouldn’t be a big deal however as the roller is still well worth the money spent and the same workouts can easily be found on YouTube.

When it comes to using this foam roller you will notice that it is firm, yet still has enough give to not be painful when you roll. If you are using the SPRI foam roller for physical therapy then there is a chance you will have some soreness, but over time this will decrease and eventually pain should go away all together.

The SPRI foam roller reviews for the white roller were overwhelmingly positive other than the cases of the missing DVD.

SPRI Foam Roller Full Round

SPRI EVA Foam Rollers (Blue)

These foam rollers are awesome and very different from the previous white foam roller. This blue foam roller is a little more firm than the white rollers and they are made out of heat sealed EVA foam. They have a little more give to them than a black foam roller would but they are definitely going to tough on a beginner.

One of the biggest bonuses of this item is that it comes in three different sizes. You can order a full size (36”X6”), a more compact travel size (12”X6”) and even a half roller (great for beginners and those transitioning from a white roller). This gives you a lot of room for options and even a little wiggle room on pricing as well.

Since this roller is more firm than the previous is makes a good step up for people who are looking for more of a deep tissue massage. Many people who want a deeper massage go for a high density (black) foam roller and quickly find out that these rollers can be more painful than helpful for some people. The SPRI EVA foam roller is definitely one of the best choices for many individuals.

SPRI EVA Foam Roller

SPRI Super High Density Foam Roller (Black)

This is by far the sturdiest of all three foam rollers and also of all the SPRI foam rollers available. The Super High Density foam roller is meant for individuals who are experienced with foam rolling and are expecting the firmness of this roller compared to the others. It has very little give and it provides the best deep tissues massage of all the SPRI foam rollers.

When you are looking for a foam roller to use on a daily basis then this is an extremely durable roller and one of the best you could choose. Most people who foam roll regularly do so before or after a workout or daily to reduce aches and pains. Over a short time some rollers will start to become misshapen and to lose density; the SPRI Super High Density foam roller will last you quite a while (at least several months) before you even start to notice this happening.

This particular roller does not come with any routine videos or guides as it is meant for more experienced rollers. However if you are determined that you are ready for a high density foam roller you can easily find a plethora of videos and guides on the internet to get you going in no time! Another benefit is that this particular roller comes with three different standard sizing options to choose from (12X6; 18X6; 36X6).

SPRI Super High Density Foam Rollers

Overall – SPRI foam roller reviews are adamant – this is one of the best foam rollers on the market. If you are looking for something that is going to last a while and be a worthwhile investment then you cannot go wrong with an SPRI foam roller. When it comes to finding a brand that is just as reliable no matter which category of foam roller you are choosing there is hardly a brand that compares to SPRI.

High Density Foam Roller Review

Anyone who is interested in foam rolling knows the importance of purchasing the right kind of foam roller. For a more experienced individual it is likely they will benefit most from a high density foam roller.

You can easily tell the difference between a beginners foam roller and a high density foam roller as they are color coded. The softest rollers are white in color, the “intermediate” rollers are generally colored blue or green and a high density foam roller is always black in color.

Why Choose a High Density Foam Roller?

Most people choose a high density foam roller for the sturdier material. Since it is denser it does not “squish” under your weight as much, allowing for a more intense deep tissue massage.

You may also want a high density foam roller if you intend to use your foam roller on a daily basis. Since you are rolling your body weight across the roller you will notice it start to “give in” after a while of using it. This is to be expected with consistent use.

A white, blue or green foam roller can be used daily as well, however since the material is already less dense it will start to sink or warp sooner than a high density foam roller. So they could be used but in the long run investing in a more solid black foam roller will save you money.

LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller

This foam roller is an excellent and highly rated option at a reasonable price. The LuxFit roller is made from polypropylene foam technology and is extremely dense and sturdy. It is meant to last, even when used on a daily basis and it even repels water to avoid water damage.

There are three different sizes available to fit all of your needs. The 6”X36” is the largest foam roller and is perfect for full body use at home or at the gym. Though if you plan to take your roller back and forth from home to the gym and back you may want to consider one of the smaller options (6”X18”, 6”X12”).

Reviewers have left almost nothing but glowing reviews on this roller – it has helped many people find relief to pain that they live with on a daily basis. It is also a great tool for those who are looking to prevent muscle damage when working out.

One of the biggest benefits of this foam roller is that it comes with a full 1 year warranty. This is great because it shows that the company is confident in their product to last at least one year and for their prices that is perfectly reasonable.

LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller

EPE Black High Density Foam Roller

This is a very basic but sturdy high density foam roller. If you are looking for a product that will be durable and slightly less expensive then this would be the roller to invest in. You will likely find that it has a very solid feeling when you roll on it and it can be used daily without fear of it losing shape (at least not right away).

As far as sizes it comes in the same three sizes as the LuxFit high density foam roller and each size can fit a different set of needs. Depending on what you are using the foam roller for you may want to invest in multiple lengths (for example the 36” is perfect for rolling your back, but the 12” would work well for a single leg).

Unlike the last roller this one does not come with a warranty – but it is also a couple bucks less. As far as reviewers are saying this roller will last at least a good six months or more depending on the intensity of use.

If you are looking for a roller for all needs that offers a solid structure and a durable material then the EPE high density foam roller is exactly what you are looking for.

EPE Black High Density Foam Roller

HealthyLifeStyle! Black High Density Foam Roller

Out of all three foam rollers on this list this is the highest rated on Amazon and with good reason. The healthyLifeStyle high density foam roller is perfect for anyone who will be using their roller on a daily basis. It will hold shape and density no matter how often it is used.

It is made of molded polypropylene foam technology and has a smooth surface allowing maximum comfort while you are using the foam roller. Even reviewers who had only used a lower density (white) foam roller found enjoyment and relief with this high density foam roller.

The product is made in the USA and offers a one year warranty, which, as mentioned in the first review, is important because that shows they have confidence in the products lifespan. It is also extremely easy to clean the roller and it will not be damaged when cleaned properly.

As with the other two rollers this high density foam roller can also come in a variety of standard sizes to meet your foam rolling needs.

HealthyLifeStyle Black High Density Foam Roller

Choosing a Roller

When choosing the foam roller that is right for you, the first thing to consider is which part of your body will it be used for the most. Think of which size works best for working with that body part (back, leg muscles, etc.) and go from there.

Once you have a size picked out all you have to do is take a look at these great, high density foam rollers and decide how much you are willing to spend on quality! Soon after that you will be enjoying all the benefits of a high density foam roller.

Half Foam Roller Review

If you are new to foam rollers then you may be wondering why there are regular, cylindrical foam rollers and also half foam rollers (basically a full foam roller cut down the middle). The half foam rollers are perfect for beginners because they allow for more stability than a traditional foam roller.

When you are new to foam rolling you will want to start off in the easiest and safest way possible. For many people that is a half foam roller. It allows you to get the idea, the methods and the balance while still reaping the benefits as you learn to roll.

There are also certain exercises that are created to work with specifically with the half foam roller, so it may be a good idea for you to purchase one of these as well as a regular foam roller. This way you can get multiple benefits from your foam rollers.

We have found a half roller in each of the different density colors (white, blue/green, black) representing low to high density. Depending on your skill level and comfort working with foam rollers one of the following should suite your needs perfectly.

Foam Roller – Half Round Cylinder

This is a lower density foam roller which is great for beginners and especially for people in physical therapy. Many reviewers said that they brought the item to their physical therapy sessions and use it at home regularly and it has not lose shape or density yet.

When it comes to buying a lower density foam roller you can expect that it will wear down quicker than a high density one. However this roller is surprisingly durable and has lasted many users for several months at the least.

Unfortunately this roller only comes in one size, though this is the most common size that allows the most use. This is a very basic roller, but it is perfect for someone who is just starting out.

Foam Roller - Half Round Cylinder

SPRI EVA Foam Rollers

The SPRI EVA foam roller is a little bit different than the previous one. Not only is this a medium density foam roller rather than a low density one, but it is also made of a different type of foam. This brand uses heat sealed EVA foam, which has a non-porous surface which allows for good grip, easy cleaning and also keeps out moisture and bacteria.

One of the great things about this foam roller is that it is meant for repeated use, so you can confidently use this roller every day without fear of it losing shape or density over time. This is a great thing to have confidence in when purchasing a roller as you will want to invest in a product that will last you as long as possible.

People often use these rollers for before and after exercise to keep muscles loose. This will help to prevent muscle tears or other injuries due to over-use. It can also relieve soreness and aches from muscles and joints; when used regularly it can even help people cut down on the need for pain killers.

If you are looking for a moderately dense foam roller for use during your workouts or for use in physical therapy then this is the perfect half foam roller for any intermediate user. It provides a combination of stability and comfort that is not found in many foam rollers and made of a high quality and durable material.

SPRI EVA Foam Rollers

Black Foam Roller High Density Foam Rollers

This is the most stable of all the half foam rollers on this list. It is a high density foam roller and is meant for daily use as well as a more experienced individual. Some reviewers complained that it caused pain because it is too stiff – if this is the case then you need a lower density half foam roller.

Since it is higher in density it does provide a more intense deep tissue massage than any other foam rollers. If you are looking to use your foam roller for back exercises or anything similar then this is a great option to consider. It offers stability and durability – two things you cannot go without with a foam roller.

If you will be taking your half foam roller back and forth to the gym or physical therapy and home then you may want to consider a smaller roller. However if it will only be used at home you will benefit the most from getting the largest (36” long) half foam roller.

Black Foam Roller High Density Foam Rollers

Choosing Your Half Foam Roller

When trying to choose which of these rollers will suite you best consider a few different things: your skill level, your physical condition, the purpose of getting a half foam roller, how often you plan to use it and what size you will need.

Once you can answer this questions you should be able to make a decision pretty easily. If you are new to foam rollers you will probably want to start off with the white one – however if you have been using them for a while and are looking for a replacement you may want to upgrade to a black one.

Each foam roller has its own individual benefits and it is important to take them into account as well as what you expect out of a half foam roller. In the end, each of these rollers has many great qualities that will be beneficial to the right individual.

36″ Foam Roller Reviews

Once you’ve used a foam roller a couple of times at a gym or physical therapist office it is likely you will want to purchase one for yourself. They are an awesome tool that can be used in so many different ways. From promoting healing, preventing injury and working out all those knots in your muscles, the list can truly go on and on!

When you are trying to decide which foam roller you are going to purchase there are a few things to take into account. For one, the density is very important as some foam rollers have much more “give” than others. At the same time you will also want to consider the size of your roller. Will it mostly be used at home or will it be transported back and forth to the gym?

For easy transport you will likely want a smaller foam roller – however it is extremely beneficial to have a full-size 36” foam roller to get the most out of it. A 36 foam roller allows for more stability and a larger surface so you can roll your whole back or both legs at once where a smaller roller may only be able to do one side at a time.

There are many different brands out there and almost all of them make a 36 foam roller in some form or another. The next thing you need to look for is the 36 foam roller reviews as they will be able to tell you which rollers are likely to last and which ones are not worth the money.

Here we’ve taken a look at three different 36” foam rollers that are reviewed highly by users on Amazon.

36 Foam Roller Reviews

ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller

This is the least expensive roller on our list but it is still highly rated by those who have purchased it. The ProSouce high density foam roller comes in the 36X6” size for a reasonable price that makes it possible for almost anyone to get a great foam roller. While it is higher in density and therefore more firm than many other foam rollers, it is made that way for maximum relief.

Many people compare this foam roller to the ones they used in their physical therapist office and they all claimed that it worked wonders for them. The roller is made of a durable foam and is expected to last quite a while even with moderate to heavy usage. It is also easy to keep clean and it is light weight so easy to carry (even if it is a little bulky).

ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller

Compared to other rollers of the same or lower price, this is the highest rated 36” foam roller. If you are looking to upgrade your foam roller or purchase a new one this is a great option for the price. It does not come with any extras, but honestly, with a foam roller you don’t really need any extras to get the full benefit.

Isokinetics Inc. Foam Rollers

This is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to foam rollers. They are best known for durability and holding up well against constant use. Surprisingly enough this roller even comes with a 1 year warranty, which tells you the company is confident that this purchase will last you at least one year. Personally, that is the kind of confidence I like to see in a company.

If you are looking for a foam roller for any reason at all, rehabbing an injury, promoting muscle healing or preventing an injury, then this foam roller is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy your needs. It is high density and it is harder than a lot of people were prepared for, but it does wonders when it comes to providing deep tissue massage. Many reviewers enjoyed using the 36” foam roller for their back muscles as well as for stability and core exercises.

Isokinetics Inc Foam Rollers

When it comes to finding a quality product that you will not have to spend a fortune on, then this is definitely it. Since the foam roller comes with a warranty and it is the perfect size to use for just about any purpose, you really cannot go wrong.

Premium Foam Roller

While this is the most expensive 36” foam roller on our list, this is for a great reason. Not only is the brand extremely high rated on Amazon, but it also comes with a guide to help you get the most out of your foam roller. Whether you are totally new to foam rolling or you’re an expert having this bonus material is great because it provides routines and stretches that are designated for different targeted areas.

The bonus guide will come as a .PDF format in your e-mail once your order has shipped. Once you get your foam roller you will be ready to go, even if it’s the first time. This is a high density foam roller however and may not be the best choice for many beginners due to the firmness. The good news is that if you purchase the foam roller and it’s too hard, you can always send it back, no questions asked due to their money back guarantee.

Premium Foam Roller

If you are looking to make a long-term investment with your foam roller then this is probably the best way to go. They do not offer as long of a warranty as Isokinetics foam roller, but they are very confident in their products ability to last a long time and make a very satisfied customer.

In the end, each of these are great foam rollers and all are at a reasonable price. Especially when you consider the price of a massage – which you can now have whenever you want at no extra cost. If you invest in one of these foam rollers you are pretty much guaranteed to love it.

Rumble Roller Review

If you are currently using a foam roller and not quite getting the deep tissue massage that you need to relieve your pain then you may want to consider using a Rumble Roller. This roller is a completely different type of foam roller, created by someone who also wanted to get more out of their foam roller.

What Makes the Rumble Roller so Different?

Unlike most foam rollers, which have a smooth surface, the Rumble Roller has a series of bumps along the surface that are able to dig deeper into knots or trigger points in order to relieve pain. When you roll your back over a traditional foam roller, you may get most of the trigger points but there are likely a few to be missed – not with the Rumble Roller!

If you are looking to get more out of your foam roller then you should definitely consider getting yourself a Rumble Roller. There are many different styles of the Rumble Roller, so there is bound to be one that is exactly what you are looking for.

Not only do they have a more traditional version of the Rumble Roller foam roller, but they have also listened to the complaints of their customers in order to design a whole new series of products aimed at providing the best relief and healing possible.

Who Should Use the Rumble Roller?

Anyone who enjoys foam rolling will benefit from the Rumble Roller. You will find when switching to the Rumble Roller that you may be sorer at first then you would be with a traditional roller – but this is actually a good thing! The soreness is just your body finally working out all those knots and loosening the tight muscles you couldn’t reach before.

Rumble Roller Review - Three Choices!

Rumble Roller Half Size Original Blue

Rumble Roller Half Size Original Blue

If you are relatively new to foam rolling then this would be an excellent foam roller for you. It offers a strong material that is durable to many uses but also not too firm for beginners or those who find relief with a traditional medium density foam roller. When switching from a regular foam roller to the Rumble Roller this is a great starting point for many people.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular roller is the compact size, which makes it great for transporting back and forth to the gym or taking along with you while you travel. Anyone who finds themselves in a hotel room often will be pleased with this size as it will fit easily into almost any duffle bag, let alone a suite case!

Another benefit of these foam rollers is that they are designed to last, no matter how often you use them. So while the price is a little much compared to a traditional foam roller, it really is a great investment for how long you will benefit from this neat roller.

Rumble Roller Full Size Extra Firm Black

Rumble Roller Full Size Extra Firm Black

This foam roller is a little different than the last. For one it is a high density, extra firm foam roller. For some this may feel like rolling your body over a bunch of rocks, but for someone who is experienced in foam rolling it can provide a wonderful deep tissue massage compared to very little other than the hands of a massage therapist.

The other main difference between the two is size. Both rollers come in multiple sizes, but while the last one was best for travel purposes this roller is full sized and best for home use. If you, like many, just enjoy being able to roll out after a long day, then this is the perfect roller for you. The length makes it great for rolling your back and the bumps will provide a better massage than even the best high density foam roller.

No matter what part of your body you are trying to roll, you will find that the extra firm Rumble Roller is going to provide you with the most effective deep tissue massage out of everything you have tried.

Rumble Roller Beastie

This product is a little bit different than the others we’ve seen lately. The Beastie rollers are a neat unique trick to self-myofascial release. When even the Rumble Roller isn’t leaving you satisfied, these little Beastie Balls definitely will! When you order you will get two of them, one regular one and one extra firm one.

Many Rumble Roller reviews on the Beastie Ball claim that if they had had to choose which one to buy, they wouldn’t be sure which to pick – so it’s perfect that they are sold together here. It may seem pricey, but you will be amazed at how well these things are able to get to those hard to reach spots.

Rumble Roller Beastie

There is a stand that can be bought separately, however if you are innovative you can find ways of holding it in the right place without the stand. For many people these are just portable enough to take with them to the office or on long car trips for when you start feeling stiff from sitting for too long.

Overall, the whole line of Rumble Roller products are simply amazing. They do things that a regular foam roller just cannot manage on their own. If you have found great relief in a foam roller before then you will be just awed by the difference when you try the Rumble Roller for the first time!

You really cannot go wrong with any of their products. If you are newer to foam rolling, the blue original density Rumble Roller is definitely the way to go. If you’re experienced and looking for something better, then the black extra firm Rumble Roller will certainly impress you. Also, aside from the Beastie Ball they have many other great new products all aimed around providing you with the most relief possible.

Best Travel Foam Roller

Anyone using a foam roller knows just how beneficial it can be when you are exercising in any form. Rolling prior to a workout helps blood flow and circulation – it may even be the absolute best thing you can do for your body pre-workout. If you have the time it is almost as important and just as beneficial to roll after your workout routine as well. This helps to loosen the muscles and jump-starts the healing process.

Many people use foam rolling as a form of physical therapy or to relieve soreness in muscles and joints. If you have been using a foam roller at home and you want to start rolling at the gym as well – and you really should – then you will probably want to know about best travel foam roller you can buy. Is there a specific type of roller to use at the gym? Will any small foam roller suffice?

The truth is, you don’t absolutely need a foam roller that is designated for travel – a small foam roller would still work just as well. However, some travel foam rollers have the goal of not only being small and portable but also more durable for the consistent use that is required of it when used for workouts. After all, most people who go to the gym do so at least 3-5 times a week and a shoddy roller you will find yourself replacing them one after another.

There are foam rollers that are specifically designed for this type of constant use. Generally they are made of high density foam and are designated for travel usage. There are tons of travel foam roller reviews out there, but most of those are aimed at a specific brand or product. Today we will be looking at three products that we are considering to be the best travel foam rollers available on Amazon.

Our Top Choices For The Best Travel Foam Roller

Pro-Tech Athletics Foam Roller

Pro-Tech Travel Foam Roller

This is an excellent roller for anyone looking for something compact and at a great price. The roller is only 12X4, a little smaller in diameter than most standard foam rollers, but again, it is more compact for travel reasons. This may be a little too small for some peoples liking, however it is still effective even if you have to focus on one side of the body and then the other.

The yellow foam throws some people off as generally the density of a foam roller is determined by the color; with white being the least dense with the most give, blue or green being a moderately dense foam and black being a high density and low resistance foam. The yellow foam of this roller is a little too dense for some people who are used to a white roller and it seems to lay somewhere between the blue and black rollers.

If you travel often and still exercise while on your trips then this is an excellent choice. It is rather inexpensive compared to other foam rollers of similar size, it is durable and will last for quite a while before needing replaced. Some users claim it has lasted several months of regular use without ever showing signs of damage.

GoFit Go Roller

Go Fit Travel Foam Roller

This roller is only slightly more expensive than the previous one, but it comes with a couple of extras. Along with the foam roller itself you will also receive a carry bag for the roller, a lacrosse ball (which is used to help dig into the knots and hard to reach places for maximum relief) and a guide book as well. There are not too many rollers that come equipped this well and with instructions to boot! If you are still new to foam rolling and are wanting to get the most out of it, this could be a great way to start.

The carry bag makes this one of the easiest to transport foam rollers. Not many travel rollers come with a bag that allows you to easily transport everything to and from the gym regularly. If you are traveling long distance then it is compact and will fit into your luggage easily or keep it separate as you desire. While the size may be too small for some, in most cases it is the perfect size to fit the needs of convenient travel and a solid workout.

Regardless of the pink shade, this is a high density foam roller. This means for those of you who use a white foam roller this will probably be a little intense at first. However if you are looking for a great deep tissue massage before a workout to get the blood pumping or after as a way to boost recovery during your cool down the higher density foam will give you the best benefits.

SKLZ Travel Barrel Roller

SKLZ Travel Foam Roller

This foam roller is highly recommended for athletes to use as it is definitely a high density foam. It is a compact small foam roller that allows for easy transport to and from the gym, to take on a bike ride or hike or basically anywhere you can think of. Almost the same size as the other two this travel foam roller is 12X4.5” – truly the slightly larger diameter does not make much difference in effectiveness overall and does not compromise ease of transport either.

When rolling on this foam roller you will find that it is extremely sturdy – it is definitely built to last! That is one of the best things you can look for in a travel roller – especially if you plan on using it pre and post workout every other day or so. Of course you will still use your standard sized roller at home and on the days between workouts – but this little roller will be able to stand up to as much use as you can throw at it.

In the end, this roller is slightly more expensive than the other two. However this is by far made up for by the amazing design, high density foam and durability of the roller.

OPTP Foam Rollers

The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products Company (OPTP for short) has been a leader in the field of providing the industry with great quality orthopedic, physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness products for over 30 years. When you're purchasing an OPTP Foam Roller, you're purchasing a product that is not only just high quality, but highly functional as well.

The fact that they are constantly striving to bring you the best health and fitness products available on the market means that they also have great advise and educational materials which they sell in order to help educate you on how to maximize the potential of your workout routine and the fitness products that you use in that routine.

We love their extensive collection of foam rollers, which seems to be one of the largest one-stop-shop go-to shops for all your myofascial massage requirements. They also have quite an impressive range of instructional books available for purchase such as Foam Roller Techniques, Pro Roller Pilates Essentials, Pro Roller Massage Essentials, Rolling for Resilience, Smartroller Guide to Optimal Movement and many more., that will ensure you’re using the roller for its intended purpose and thus getting the results that you want and need.

OPTP foam rollers come in many shapes and sizes and include:

  • AXIS Firm Rollers
  • PRO-Rollers
  • Smartroller
  • Rumble Rollers
  • Anatomical Rollers
  • Star Rollers
  • The Grid
  • Soft Foam Rollers

We all know how beneficial foam rolling can be for you. It helps your muscles to stretch properly and also helps to speed up recovery time after a sports injury. Myofascial massage really is a big buzz these days, and at OPTP, you really have an exceptionally large variety of rolling to pick and choose from, depending on your specific requirements.

Our top pick rollers include:

OPTP Black AXIS Firm Rollers

OPTP Black AXIS Firm Rollers

This is OPTP’s most dense foam roller and was designed with hard work in mind. It’s great for sports medicine and physical therapy and easily reaches those tough muscle adhesions that tend to be harder to reach. Easily sort out tightness and tension in the illiotibial band, hamstrings and quads with the help of this ultra-firm roller. The AXIS Foam Rollers come available in either 6 inch round or half round models, in lengths of 12 or 36 inches.

OPTP Pro-Rollers

OPTP Pro-Rollers

The strength in the Pro-Rollers are thanks to the closed-cell technology used to produce them and they give you that added sense of durability, making them ideal for heavy use. They far outweigh other store bought models of foam rollers and have been designed with use of sports medicine clinics and Pilates studios in mind, where they won’t buckle under the pressures of heavy use.

The heat modeled EVA foam is strong and durable and also makes it easier to clean the roller and improves the sanitary conditions of the product. These rollers work great for easing out tension in muscles such as the calves, adductors and quads and come available in funky green marble and blue marble colors that just make them so much more attractive. You can choose between round (36 inches in length & 6 inches in diameter) or half round
(36 inches in length and 3 inches in height) models.

OPTP Smartrollers

OPTP Smartrollers

These unique designed two-in-one foam rollers are known for their resilience. The one side of the roller is flatter while the other side is rounder, effectively branding this roller as one of the most versatile in the market. With the flat side down, you can easily improve your balancing techniques, and the round side being down allows you to get in a more challenging and dynamic workout. The Smartroller was essentially designed around physicist and martial artist, Dr. Feldenkrais’ idea to help build better body awareness and as such it delivers an experience to deepen motor learning.

OPTP Rumble Rollers

OPTP Rumble Rollers

With between 64 and 200 (depending on the size of your roller) specially designed bumps which are firm but flexible, the Rumble Roller is as near as a massage therapist’s thumbs as you can get in the comfort of your own home. The bumps work great at targeting deep tissue tension and restoring flexibility to the muscles.

The Rumble Roller is also a fantastic foam roller for more experience foam roller users as it's not the softest of foam rollers. Great for deep tissue foam rolling as well which is why this particular foam roller is a perennial top seller.

OPTP Anatomical Roller

OPTP Anatomical Roller

Naturally supporting and aligning the spine (the only roller that does this by the way), the Anatomical Roller has been designed specifically for core training and body alignment. What makes it so different from other foam rollers is essentially its design. It has an anatomically shaped groove, one rounded side and two tapered ends. This means that the roller is able to support the spine in alignment and allows modification of your challenge level, with its stable and unstable positions.

OPTP Star Roller

OPTP Star Roller

This is your go-to foam roller for relaxation techniques. Thanks to the patented ridged design, you’ll be able to get the best self-massage from this roller by alternately compressing and releasing the tissues, as well as upping the ante in the sensory-motor experience. The way this roller targets the muscles so efficiently is thanks to the unique release and compress that happens when you use it, in turn mobilizing connective tissues and increasing the range of motion.

OPTP The Grid

OPTP The Grid

The Grid is a revolutionary foam roller made with just about everyone in mind. This design has been completely ripped off from Trigger Point Therapy Grid 2.0 which I don't love.

It has been uniquely designed as to allow for targeted massage by using the “matrix & distrodensity zones”. Its super compact and measures in at only 13 inches long and 5 inches in diameter, which makes it the perfect tag-along exercise companion. You’ll be able to work out just about every muscle in your body with this roller and the fact that it can hold up to 600 pounds really ensures you that it was built to last and is durable as well as reliable.

OPTP Soft Foam Roller

OPTP Soft Foam Roller

The Soft Foam Roller from OPTP has an incredibly soft construction, compressing to almost 1/3 of its size when used. This is great news because it means that you can use it to perform gentle weight shifting exercises as well as balance exercises with a complete sense of security.

Aside from the impressive array of Foam Rollers available from OPTP, they also bring you funky accessories for your foam rolling needs. They also have quite an extensive collection of other sports and health related equipment and educational programs that will blow the door on physical exercise right over for you.

OPTP Foam Rollers Leading the Charge

As foam rollers continue to adapt to the needs of the market place, you can bet that OPTP will be there leading the charge. Not only are they one of the most innovative companies in the industry but they continue to produce foam roller and foam roller alternatives that will allow you to lead a happy and pain free life.