Eva Foam Roller Reviews

By now most of us know WHY foam rollers are beneficial for you. They help reduce injuries by activating the muscles when used in a warm up routine, thus reducing the likelihood of a sports injury. They also significantly decrease post workout recovery times because they mimic deep tissue massage, which is great because it improves blood flow and helps to remove toxins such as lactic acid from the muscles.

EPE Vs Molded Vs EVA Foam Rollers

Although you might think they are all the same, there’s quite a big difference between EPE, Molded Foam Rollers and EVA foam rollers. EVA rollers are essentially the best option to choose because they are more durable, won’t lose their shape and are also great to use in multi-user environments because they clean up very easily.

EVA rollers come in a variety of lengths and sizes; the most common size though is 6 inches in diameter and 36 inches long.




OPTP Anatomical Roller

Cell 1 / 3

OPTP Pro-Roller Standard

Cell 2 / 3

OPTP Posture Ball

Cell 3 / 3

So Why Choose EVA Foam Rollers?

Quite simply put, they are the best all-round rollers for those of you just starting out with foam rolling, and also because they are relatively inexpensive when compared to rollers such as the Rumble Roller.

EVA rollers are made from very durable foam which allows it to keep its shape for a longer period of time when compared to EPE and Molded Foam rollers. EVA rollers also have a glossy finish and are more appealing than the other two mentioned types.

OPTP, the leader in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products brings you some of the best EVA foam rollers on the market today. Their rollers are super durable and all have a very aesthetically appealing look to them, making them a must have item for any home gym.

Three EVA Foam Rollers That We Love - Eva Foam Roller Reviews

OPTP Anatomical Roller

The Anatomical Roller has been designed specifically for training your core, doing balance work and getting the alignment of your body on form. It naturally supports your spine and aligns it during exercise, which makes it a winning roller.

What makes this roller so unique is the fact that it has an anatomically shaped groove, has one round side and two tapered ends. It’s easy to modify the challenge level of your routine with this roller because it has stable and unstable positions, which is great for bringing in variety into your workout. If you place the rounded side of the roller down, the tapered ends and the groove support proper spine alignment, while the rounded bottom works on the core and body balance techniques. This makes it great to use as a balance board in a standing position.

If you place the grooved side down, you turn this roller into a stable base which can be used as a platform for stretching, calf dips and elevated pushups.

It’s super durable due to the fact that it’s made from EVA foam and can be used for various forms of exercise including core, balancing and Pilates.

Anatomical Foam Roller

OPTP Pro-Roller Standard

If you’re in need of something that will be used in a multi-user environment or get used repeatedly and needs to be able to handle the pressure, then the PRO-ROLLER is for you. It brings you professional quality and because its constructed from EVA foam, its set to outlast and outperform other open-cell and non EVA foam rollers.

This is definitely not your typical store-bought foam roller and is best used for proprioceptive exercises in balance and stability. The PRO-ROLLER also works great for rolling out trigger points and knots, and what’s really great is the fact that it will work great on the large muscles such as he calves and quads as well as the smaller muscles such as IT Band and the Gluteus Medius.

You can choose between either a green marble or a blue marble finish, which makes it super attractive and it also comes in round or half round shapes. Talk about durability with appeal!

Standard Pro Roller

OPTP Posture Ball

This might not be a foam roller as you know it, but we all know how well these posture balls work on getting rid of knots and muscle aches in the harder-to-reach spots such as the lower back and neck. The OPTP Posture Ball is another high quality, durable and reliable EVA foam rolling product that is guaranteed to deliver results every time, without losing shape or breaking down after heavy use.

It’s sturdy and lightweight, making it the ideal fitness product to take along with you wherever you go. The non-porous design helps to prevent moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface, effectively helping you keep it clean which is great for multi-user environments.

Posture Ball for Myofascial Release

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