Foam Roller Exercises For Your Upper Back

We’ve all heard about the impeccable benefits that foam roller exercises can add to our lives. Essentially foam rolling is a self-myofascial release massage that works by applying pressure to certain parts of the body in order to relieve pain. What follows is an increase in blood flow to the problem area that relieves tenderness.




The Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Foam Roller

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6 Inch Posture Ball

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Premium Professional Foam Roller

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When the exercises are done before and after workouts they can prevent and treat sore and tender muscles and help speed up recovery time after a workout. It’s always important to use a good quality, durable, foam roller that will support your body weight. But what’s more important than the specific brand of roller you use is the way you use it. If done incorrectly you could actually be worsening the problem.

When you are targeting your upper back specifically there are a few exercises specifically designed for this body part. To get the maximum effectiveness, these exercises should be performed by rolling each target muscle for 30 seconds at a time and when you find a specific “knot” resting on it for about 10-20 seconds before moving on.

Chest Roll Out Using A Foam Roller

Sometimes you can experience pain in your upper back that might actually be caused by chest muscles that are tight due to hunching over a computer all day long. You really want to stretch out those chest muscles in order to relief the feeling of your back that seems to feel tight, when in fact the muscles are stretched out. To get his problem sorted out do the following:

Foam Roller Chest Roll Out
  • Place a foam posture ball on the floor and lie on top of it positioning the ball on your chest beside the shoulder joint 
  • Now with the ball to the side of your shoulder, move your hand overhead and then back down towards your legs again 
  • Do this move 5 times on each side and rest on trigger points. Remember to do a slow, controlled stretch.

Lat Roll Out Using a Foam Roller

This move helps to alleviate pain caused by strained Lat muscles that might be the cause of that pestering upper back pain.

Foam Roller Lat Roll Out

  • Lie down on your side with your arm stretched out overhead and then place a foam roller under your armpit
  • You'll want to rock forward and backward on the roller and then slowly move the roller lower down the side of your back. Work all the way from your armpit to the end of your ribcage. 

Shoulder U

This move is great and works your entire upper body in one easy exercise.

  • Lie face down and place a foam posture ball under your chest. Roll it along the shoulder joint and then under your armpit to reach the side of your back
  • Now roll it from your armpit to hit the back between your shoulder blades.
  • Roll up and down the shoulder blade then roll it back again to the front.
  • Repeat on the one side about 3 times and then switch over to the other side.

The Best Foam Rollers For Your Upper Back

The Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Foam Roller

The grid is always high on my list of recommend foam rollers and this time is no different. It features a multitude of grooves which help to reach difficult spots. Those grooves also promote blood flow which is essential to recovery. In my opinion there isn't a foam roller on the market that keeps it's shape as well as the Grid 2.0.

​Although not the cheapest foam roller available, it really is versatile. I've heard storied of this foam roller being extremely effective for upper back pain in fact we received the following testimonial for this foam roller from a colleagues wife.

"The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller has been absolute life saver. I actually discovered this foam roller at a hotel gym on a business trip about a year ago. My back was killing me from all the different beds I was sleeping on that I wasn't quite used to. I started to use the Trigger Point foam roller and felt better even after one session. It doesn't exactly provide soothing relief but it got the job done."
Trigger Grid 26

6 Inch Posture Ball – by Balanced Body

This is a great foam rolling tool for self-myofascial pain relief massage, and can be used just like ordinary log shaped foam rollers. It provides instant trigger point release for sore and tender muscles and its small size ensures you can take it with you wherever you are going. This ball is really perfect for deep stretching and is an investment well worth making!

Although the posture ball isn't your typical foam roller it is a fantastic foam roller 'esque' option for getting into those smaller places in your upper back that an average foam roller just might not be able to get into. Many people will use this type of foam roller to help massage soft tissues, providing relief nearly instantly. 

Foam Roller Ball

Premium Professional Foam Roller – by Flo Roller

This 18 inch long foam roller provides deep massage that leads to effective relief of muscle tenderness and strains. It’s designed to help improve blood flow to problematic muscles and provide pain relief. The roller is a premium quality, solid hollow core design covered in premium Eva foam to provide the best therapeutic results. Its durable and rugged and is a great addition to any athlete’s exercise routine.

It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to the trusty foam roller to alleviate and relief muscle aches and pains associated with training, and even everyday situations that put our bodies under immense strain. These tools are being recommended by fitness industry professionals and chiropractors across the globe to provide you with an at home massage treatment that can help treat and prevent muscle injuries effectively and effortlessly.

Premium Professional Foam Roller

Looking for more information about foam rolling your upper back?

Lucky for you, the internet is littered with fantastic information regarding different exercises and 'how-to' videos when it comes to foam rolling for your upper back. Below, is one of my favorite videos when it comes to using the foam roller for the upper back. I hope you enjoy!

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