Using a Foam Roller for Shin Splints

If you are one of the unfortunate souls that suffer from the lingering pain of shin splints then this article is aimed at helping you heal the injury and prevent future damage. A foam roller is like a little massage genie that’s frankly an essential component in any home gym. Whether you are a pro athlete or just a regular 3-times-a-weeker, adding foam rolling to your workout routine will surely provide almost immediate relief of your shin splints.




​Prosource Ultra Deluxe


​Master of Muscle


​TP- The Grid


  • Eases muscle tension to prevent injury
  • It's a very relaxing and soothing exercise that helps perfectly round off a workout
  • You'll become more flexible when you use a foam roller on a regular basis

In order to gain these advantages, you’ll want to equip yourself with a good quality foam roller that will help you ease muscle tension and improve healing time on old injuries. If you’re not sure what type of foam roller will do the trick, here are 3 great rollers that will have you off to a rocking start if you requiring a foam roller for shin splints.

Prosource Ultra Deluxe

Prosource Foam Roller

This revolutionary sports medicine roller is 24 inches long and has been designed specifically to massage and stretch muscles and soft tissue that gives long lasting relief from tension and sprains. It works on just about any major muscle group in the body and the firmness of the roller will help you smooth out those tensioned muscles in no time. This is really an investment worth making if you want to equip yourself to be able to fight of nasty joint & muscle pains.

Master of Muscle's Foam Roller

Master of Muscle Foam Roller

Using this foam roller pre-workout will release toxins which ensure you push harder and achieve more, and then when using post workout it eases muscle tension and speeds up recovery. It’s an ideal tool to use for healing and preventing sports injuries such as shin splints. The fact that it’s lightweight and portable means you can take it with you wherever you go. This roller is perfect for any athlete, sportsman and those just looking to keep in shape.

Trigger Point Performance - The Grid

The Grid Foam Roller

This foam roller has a unique distrodensity zone design that ensures you can target specific muscles in need of healing and preventative care. It’s durable and won’t break down from constant use so you can use this roller every day to ensure your muscles always stay in peak condition. It’s a great little travel companion with its 13 inch length and is definitely an investment worth making for ensuring you are able to push as hard as you can without having to worry about muscle sprains and tension.

Shin Splint Relief Using A Foam Roller

So know you have the knowledge of what type of rollers you need to be on the lookout for, what you need next is a simple guide to helping you get rid of shin splints effectively in the least amount of time possible. Remember that there’s really no magic bullet here and the first couple of times you do these routines might be severely uncomfortable, but just keep doing them as they WILL clear up muscle tension , relieve the pain and essentially help prevent future injuries.

Your aim is to foam roll for around 10-15 minutes at least 3 times a week. You can do this before and after workouts to ensure you get maximum results. To get these moves done you’ll have to place the roller on the floor then move sections of your body slowly back and forth across the roller on at a time. Try to rest on a tension area (yes, you’ll feel it when you’ve hit one) for about 30-60 seconds to ease the tension then continue on to the next muscle group.

  • For the back of your calves – simply roll each calf up and down the roller for about 40 seconds on each side.
  • For the outsides of the calves – slowly roll up and down the calf muscle on the insides of your legs for around 40 seconds each side.
  • For the front of the calves – slowly roll up and down the calf muscle at the front of your legs for around 40 seconds each side.

It might be a strange thing to try if you have never done this before, but its seriously worth it and will have you back in the game in no time. Foam rolling works by essentially massaging away fascia buildup in the muscles and thus removes muscle tension and also helps to avoid those areas from becoming injury prone.

Not everyone can afford (or has the time) to use professional massage therapy services each and every time they have muscles tension. Once you’ve tried foam rolling as a pressure relief and prevention treatment, you’ll agree that there has never been an easier and more effective way to treat sore and tender muscles at home.

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