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The GoFit Company was first founded in 1999 and rapidly became a big name in the fitness equipment industry. Why you ask? Because they have been at the forefront of manufacturing top quality products with innovative design concepts all backed up by superb educational content.

Their extensive collection of on-board fitness and nutritional experts are there to enhance and make the best of your workout experience. They have a range of DVD’s that come with their raining equipment to empower and inspire you in any training goals.

Their products are sold online to happy customers from all over the globe and it’s no secret that they are industry leaders, delivering top quality products at affordable prices paired with a great guarantee that gives you added piece of mind.

When you go to the GoFit website  you’ll immediately notice that they have a great and easy to navigate layout on the home page. Let’s have a look at some of the categories you’ll be able to browse in their online shop:​

Woman Using Resistance Bands
  • Strength Training

    If you’re into building and toning some serious muscle then this is the first place you need to head over to. Here you’ll find equipment such as Combat Ropes, Gravity Bars, Kettlebells, Elevated Chin up Stations, Medicine Balls and Weightlifting accessories.
  • Performance & Cardio

    To get the heart beat up and push yourself to burn those calories head over to this section of the online shop. You can choose between Jump Ropes, Ankle Weights and Weighted vests that all assist in giving you a hard and rewarding workout experience and get your physique in better shape in no time.
  • Accessories

    This section of the online store is specifically designed for finding great products to compliment your already existing routine or home gym. You’ll find items such as Weightlifting gloves, Fitness Matts and Exercise Mats here.
  • Balance & Core Stability

    If you’re looking at strengthening your core and improving your balance then head over to this section where there are many products specializing in these specific problem areas. Here you’ll find items such as: Combat Ropes, Ab Wheels, Fitness Hoops, Core Ab Balls, Stability Balls, Stability Pads, Core Stabilizing Disks, Foam Rollers, Balance Boards and Power Loops.
  • Muscle Reengineering

    Over here you’ll find their famed thermal suit which is great for making you sweat up a storm and as we all know, the more you sweat, the harder your body works and the better the results will be!
  • Rubber Resistance Band Training

    In this area you’ll be able to source all your resistance band training equipment. Look out for the Power Tubes, Super Bands, Power Handles, Door Anchors and Ankle Straps. Train your muscles with the pure tension and resistance from rubber paired with your own body weight to get the best and most effective results fast.

Like we mentioned earlier, GoFit Equipment comes with valuable training educational DVDs where the expert panel members tell you exactly how to use the equipment and which routines to set for yourself. They can have set together a panel that covers all of the following industries:

Kettlebell and other fitness equipment
  • Yoga
  • Pliates
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Athletic Performance
  • Weight Loss

GoFit has made sure that the valuable Advisory Board members all have some role in the product designs, excellent online fitness articles and the amazing workout programs they have on offer. The industry leaders that call themselves the motivational drive force behind this genius includes:

Kent Katich 

This man collaborated with GoFit to develop Yogaletics which blends yoga and athletic instruction techniques using high performance yoga equipment. This dynamic new form of exercise is great for conditioning muscles and improving the fitness level of any athlete and also helps treat and prevent sports injuries. Kent has coached some of the world’s best athletes and offers his unique collaboration on most of GoFit’s products.

Jim Stoppani

With a doctorate in exercise physiology and an award as the Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science by the American Physiological Society, Jim really knows his stuff. He currently offers his input at various fitness magazines and hosts the ever popular Muscle & Fitness Raw! series online.

Juliet Kaska

She’s a fitness expert, celebrity trainer and entrepreneur and she’s giving her valuable collaboration to the GoFit team to help other succeed and achieve their dream bodies.

Andrea Metcalf

Andre has been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years and has become a fitness celebrity of sorts with her television exercise tips and tricks. She’s been named personal trainer of the year and holds an impressive list of qualifications that just gives you added piece of mind that her valuable input in the GoFit products and articles will go a long way.

Christopher Ross Lane

He is a celebrity trainer and Christopher Ross Lane has been an active part of the fitness industry. He has been working closely with Jillian Michaels on her hit show “The Biggest Loser” so you can rest assured that this guy really knows what he’s doing.

Brook Benten

M.Ed. and President of CardioPump Fitness, Brooke really has more than just one good technique up her sleeve! She thrives on education other about the importance of basic nutrition and how to feed your be right fuels. She has her own blog too, where she regularly helps people see the bigger picture when it comes to realizing how the connection between wellness and nutrition works.

While GoFit might have become a name you picked up from the new craze of foam rolling which has recently gone viral, they are so much more than just a producer of a (may we add exceptionally great) foam roller. They ring you top quality fitness equipment, backed by awesome guarantees and some of the best exercise and nutrition advise around today. GoFit is set to really Go Far!

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