Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller Reviews

Every time I look it seems as though as Trigger Point Performance Therapy has released a new SMR tool.

And while a number of these products merit serious consideration the best Trigger Point Therapy products still are their foam rollers. In particular the Trigger Point Grid 2.0 EVA Foam Roller still leads the way as the top roller on the market.

Trigger Point Therapy Rollers

TP offers four different rollers: the Grid Mini, the Grid Standard, the Grid X and the Grid 2.0. As you might have guessed the difference between three of these products is their size. The mini is just 4” long, the standard is 13” while the grid 2.0 is 26” long. The Grid X is denser than the Grid Standard, but it's dimensions are the exact same.

In my opinion the Grid X is long overdue. It’s an alternative option to the Grid Foam Roller, which is simply just a firmer version of the Grid Standard. I would like to see them produce a similar product for the Grid 2.0 and I’m somewhat surprised they haven’t already.

All four of their foam rollers are 5.5” in diameter with a hollow core. They are constructed out of a firm core (similar to a PVC pipe) wrapped with EVA foam.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Three Areas Featuring Different Densities

One of the Grid’s main selling features is the range of contours and densities, which each Grid Roller has.

The individual squares are the firmest area and are designed to feel like finger tips. The long flat areas are the softest area on the foam roller and designed to feel like a palm. Lastly, the tubular areas fall in between the squares and the flat areas.

Truthfully, I find it to be a bit of a crap shoot to ‘find’ the section you’re trying to use while actively foam rolling. I would prefer if they made each area a little bit larger, particularly on the Grid 2.0 where there is space.

Why I Consider the Grid 2.0 the Best Foam Roller on the Planet


Firstly, it is far more durable then cheaper foam rollers. A standard EVA foam roller might last you 6 months, an EVE (high density) roller may hold up for a year if you’re using it a lot.

The Grid has held up for a well over a year in the commercial gym I workout at. And believe me, it gets a TON of use. The gym is primarily a personal training gym and all of the trainers are all foam roller fanatics!

If it’s lasted a year in a commercial setting how long will my personal grid 2.0 foam roller last? 5 years, maybe 10?


When compared against the other premium foam rollers on the market it is far more versatile. Even though it’s hard to find various densities while using the foam roller, they are a nice feature and you will notice the difference as you pass over different zones.

The Grid 2.0 Versus The Travel Roller

The travel roller is a terrific piece of equipment. The design is smart, but at the end of the day it is still a travel foam roller. The smaller diameter makes it’s more difficult to roll on.

The only way I would pick up the travel roller over the grid is if I traveled every week. Otherwise, if I could only own one I would buy the Grid 2.0 every time.

The Grid 2.0 Versus The Rumble Roller

The rumble roller certainly matches the grid in terms of durability. However, I really don’t like the rumble roller. Even the blue version is a little too intense for me and I have been using foam rollers for over two years.

I like the mini grid for hips, but beyond that I can’t find a reason to purchase a Rumble roller. The Grid is more versatile, it's as durable and it's cheaper.

The Grid 2.0 Versus Stealth Align

The stealth align is a novel concept particularly with all of the concern over using a foam roller on or near your spine. I’m not a physio or a doctor so I can’t comment on the science but it seems like the channel and the wings would adequately support that area.

I also love the 8” diameter, which makes rolling a snap. However, overall the roller isn’t quite versatile enough for me to give it a nod over the Grid 2.0.

What About The Grid Mini and The Grid?

I primarily focus on the Grid 2.0 because it, in my mind is the best of the bunch. The Grid Mini isn’t as convenient for travel as the travel roller and it’s way too small to make it practical for daily use.

Overall I would avoid the Grid Mini.

The Grid is the original 13” version and it is large enough to use on your entire body. Being only 13” it is more difficult to roll out large muscles when you compare it against a standard 31” roller or the 26” Grid 2.0. However, it's terrific for using upright against a wall. I find it's easier to work my lats and shoulders while standing up.

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